Who Is Malaika Arora’s “Khana Partner”- Find Out Here


If you live outside your home or have a busy lifestyle in general, most of your meals may come from restaurants. Although we try our best to cook fresh and comforting homemade food, time may not be on our side, and food delivery apps have become our best friends. However, we go back to our basic recipes every once in a while! After all, nothing comes close to the taste of home-cooked meals. And it seems like Malaika Arora, too, is enjoying a comforting feast with her friend Ricky Roy. If you follow Malaika on Instagram, you will know that she enjoys having various foods. Her Instagram stories often feature sandwiches, pastas, salad, everyday South Indian food, biryani, dals, and more. Recently, the actress was seen having a hearty lunch, and just looking at the spread has made us hungry!

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Ricky Roy took to Instagram to share about the lunch with Malaika Arora. In the snapshot posted on his Instagram stories, we can see chicken tikka, rice, dal, salad, green chutney, red chutney, fish fry, and two more bowls full of food. In the story, he wrote, “Sunday happiness, lunch with M.” Later, Malaika also reshared the same story on her Instagram and wrote, “You are my khana partner.” Check out the full story here:


Looks yummy, doesn’t it!? While this may have left a lot of you drooling, wait till you see the dessert platter that Ricky Roy had for Malaika Arora. In another story that he posted, we can see Malaika happily posing with a bunch of macarons. We can see three pieces of chocolate macarons, while the other two seem to be vanilla. In this story, Ricky Roy wrote, “My two favourite “M – Malla and macaron.” Take a look at this story here:

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As Malaika Arora keeps going on yummy food adventures, she always surprises us with something new! Now, we can’t wait to see what will be next on her plate.


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