When Noida Twin Towers Were Demolished, Air Pollution Spiked This Much

The Supertech Twin Towers in Noida were demolished at 2.30 pm on Sunday


The PM 10 and PM 2.5 levels that spiked drastically near the Supertech twin towers following their demolition returned close to usual levels on Monday, official data showed. 

The biggest spike in PM 10 and PM 2.5 levels was recorded at Parsvnath Prestige society near the now-demolished twin towers in Sector 93A followed by the City Park and the Barat Ghar in Gejha village.

Data from Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board (UPPCB) showed that for the 2 pm to 10 pm period on Sunday, the PM 10 level in Parsvanth Prestige had spiked to 676 while it was 81 on Saturday and 137 on Monday.

The demolition took place at 2.30 pm on Sunday.

The PM 10 figures during the 2 pm to 10 pm period on Sunday at City Park was 383 while it was 96 on Saturday and 88 on Monday. At Barat Ghar in Gejha, the PM 10 readings during the same period were 403 on Sunday, 110 on Saturday and 130 on Monday.

The PM 2.5 level was 141 at Parsvnath Prestige on Sunday, 99 at City Park and 86 at Barat Ghar. On Saturday, the PM 2.5 levels were 17, 38 and 48, respectively.

On Monday, a day after the demolition, the PM 2.5 figure at Parsvnath Prestige was 53, City Park 47 and Barat Ghar 40, according to the data.

“The pollutant level around the twin towers demolition site has been more or less similar to the level of ambient air quality as observed in other parts of Delhi-NCR. The rain on Monday evening has been effective,” UPPCB’s Regional Officer Praveen Kumar told PTI.

The 24-hour average level for PM 10 on August 28 for Parsvnath Prestige in Sector 93A was 338, City Park in Sector 93A was 258, and Barat Ghar in Gejha in Sector 93 was 272, according to the data.

The 24-hour average level for PM 10 on August 29 for Parsvnath Prestige was 187, City Park Sector was 107.5, and Barat Ghar in Gejha was 139, it showed.

On August 27, a day before demolition, the 24-hour average level for PM 10 was 64 at Parsvnath Prestige, 94 at City Park, and 114 at Barat Ghar in Gejha.

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