WhatsApp releases new camera shortcut; Know who can get it and how


WhatsApp has released a new camera shortcut in Android beta. Check all the latest details here.

WhatsApp has released a new camera shortcut on Android beta on Thursday as a replacement for the camera tab. The shortcut has been made available for the users who can create a community. However, due to a bug the camera shortcut was also visible to those people that still have the camera tab. In order to fix it, WhatsApp on Friday released the new beta update; however, the bug fix did not work the way it was actually supposed to! After the update the camera shortcut has been removed for beta testers that can create a community too along with those who cannot.

Informing about the same WABetaInfo said, “WhatsApp just released the new beta update: no further details were found in this version since it is a bug-fix update that exactly addresses this issue. In reality, we expected the new camera shortcut to be removed only for those users that can access it by using the camera tab but it has also been removed for those lucky beta testers that can create a community.”

It can be known that the new camera shortcut will let people quickly open the camera when the camera tab is not available. In fact, the online messaging application is replacing the camera tab with the communities tab when the feature that allows to create a community is available.

WABetaInfo further informed that the fix is rolling out after installing the WhatsApp beta for Android update. “So be sure to update to this version if you see the camera shortcut and the camera tab,” it said. It also added, “About the camera shortcut, we expect another future rollout without the bug at a later date.”

Other than this, WhatsApp is also rolling out the ability to create a community for some beta testers. “In the article about the WhatsApp beta for Android update, we shared news about communities, a new feature that lets us organize our related groups like the ones about neighborhoods and schools. This feature has been rolled out to some lucky beta testers on WhatsApp beta for Android and there is finally news about iOS beta today,” WABetaInfo tweeted.


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