What Is The Latest Viral Trend Of ‘Butter Board’ – Know How To Make It

Do you have a wooden chopping board lying idle in the back of your kitchen cabinet, gathering dust? It’s time to take it out, brush it up and use it to join the new trend bandwagon. Just when cheese board (or charcuterie board) had become all the sensation in the world of food, a few inventive minds brought butter board to the fore. And to our surprise, it is giving hard competition to the already popular cheese boards. Drawing similarities, the butter board is also decorated beautifully but with butter instead of cheese.  

What Is Butter Board? 

A wooden board is first splayed with a thick layer of softened butter, which is further topped with other foods of varied flavours and colours. The aim is to make the board look as pretty as possible. You can even throw in some edible flowers or herbs to beautify it. Next time, you visit your friends, don’t be surprised if they serve you butter board instead of the usual charcuterie board

Social media platforms like Instagram and even YouTube are full of pictures and videos of butter boards, each one with its own rendition.  

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How To Make Butter Board: 

There are two kinds of butter boards doing the rounds on the internet – sweet and savoury. To make the sweet version, first spread soft butter on the board and top it with fruits like cherries, grapes, dragon fruit, strawberries, apples and kiwi. Also throw in some olives, nuts, crackers, breads and dips. 

To make a savoury butter board, change the toppings to sauteed onions, carrots, radish, cold cuts of meats; sprinkle seasonings of your choice and decorate with some herbs.  

If you are feeling experimental, you can combine the ingredients from both categories as per your taste preference. 

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Whatever foods you choose to make your butter board, keep one thing in mind – it has to look gorgeous enough to captivate your guests. So, get your creative juices flowing and make a butter board at the next gathering in your house. 

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