Weekend Special: 5 Protein-Rich Rajma Snacks To Pair With Your Evening Tea


Evenings are all about indulging in your favourite snacks along with a cup of steaming hot chai. And why not? We all deserve this reward after a long day at work. Tea-time feels like a mini vacation where you can just sit back for a few minutes and just relax with some delectable snacks and tea. If you look around and explore, you will find a plethora of snacks to devour. For instance, samosa, pakoda, bonda, and more. However, all these aforementioned snacks are deep-fried and laden with calories.

If you are someone who is following a weight loss diet or someone who always likes to indulge in all things healthy, these recipes might not be fit for you. Fret not! Here we bring you protein-rich snacks made with rajma. These snacks are perfect to binge on, guilt-free. Let’s get started with the list. Take a look.

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Here’re 5 Protein-Rich Rajma Snacks You Must Try:

1. Rajma Kebab – Our Recommendation

Love kebabs? This kebab right here, is a combination of both health and taste. To make this, take a bowlful of boiled rajma beans, add gram flour, some spices and mash it by using your hands. Shallow fry the kebabs and they are done. These kebabs do not need long hours of marination. Find the recipe here.


2. Rajma Patty Burger

Crispy on the inside and mushy on the outside, this recipe makes for a perfect dish to enjoy your weekend. You can serve it as a starter at any given occasion. Pair it with your favourite dip and enjoy! Click here.


3. Rajma Sandwich

Got some leftover rajma at home? Worry not! Here we bring you a sandwich recipe in which you can utilise your leftover rajma. To make this, take out the liquid gravy from the rajma. Then spread dry rajma on the bread slice, add cheese, tomato slices, some salt and pepper to taste, and toast or grill the bread to make a yummy sandwich. Isn’t that super easy? Try it out!

4. Rajma Sprout Salad

Now we all know that rajma, also called kidney bean, is a treasure trove of nutrients, so you should include more of it in your diet. Considering this, here we bring you a salad recipe that is sure to tantalise your taste buds and satiate your appetite. Sprinkle some chaat masala, squeeze some lemon on top – and your salad is ready. Click here.

5. Rajma Chaat

Now who said chaat can’t be healthy? Here we bring you a chaat recipe loaded with protein and other essential nutrients. Ps: you can also use your leftover rajma to prepare this chaat recipe. Wondering how? Take a look.

Now that you know all the recipes, try them at home and let us know how they turned out in the comments below. Happy Weekend!


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