Weekend Special: 5 Gluten-Free Desserts You Must Try This Weekend

Weekend is all about indulging in your favourite sweet treats. From decadent cakes to brownies, pudding and more, the list is never-ending. However, people suffering from celiac disease or other gluten-related disorders cannot really indulge in these treats as most of them are gluten-based. Fret not! We have found the perfect solution for you. We bring you 5 dessert options that are completely gluten-free. The good news is that you don’t need to look for exclusive ingredients to prepare these desserts. A few ingredients from your kitchen are enough. So, if you are intolerant to gluten, these sweet treats can be the perfect option to satiate your sweet tooth cravings. Without further ado, let’s learn how to make them at home.

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Here’re 5 Gluten-Free Desserts You Must Try This Weekend:

1. Gluten Free Modak – Our Recommendation

Let’s start the list with this quick and easy modak recipe. It is made using a combination of rice flour and gluten-free flour. Be it for impromptu guest gatherings or simply when you are craving something sweet, this recipe fits every purpose. Find the complete recipe here.

2. Raspberry Macaron

These delicate French cookies with a crunchy exterior and the moist and chewy interior are heaven on a plate. Here we bring to you a fresh and unique recipe of macarons, completely gluten-free with a sweet and tangy raspberry flavour. Click here for the recipe.


3. Gluten Free Almond Cake

Next up, we bring you a cake recipe that is a combination of both health and taste. This Gluten-free almond cake is an excellent choice to bake this weekend. Click here for the recipe.


4. Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

If you are worried that an entire cake will hamper your fitness goal for the month, then we suggest, try your hand at this Gluten-free chocolate cake recipe. For the complete recipe, click here.


5. Flourless Chocolate Cake

Lastly, we bring to you a decadent chocolate cake made with no flour. To prepare this all you need is some basic ingredients like chocolate, butter, sugar, almonds, and some eggs. That’s all. Wondering how to go about it? Click here.

For more such gluten-free recipes, click here.

Try out these gluten-free desserts this weekend and let us know how they turned out in the comments below. For more interesting recipes, stay tuned!

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