Watch: Spice Up Your Evening Chai With Sooji Kurkure Namkeen


What is chai without a host of spicy and masaledaar snacks?! Come evening, we can’t help but be excited to relax with our kadak cup of chai along with snacks. Often, we pair our tea with namkeens like bhujiya, chivda and khatta meetha. While we are used to munching on these snacks, it can get mundane repeating them again and again. Today, we have found a new and exciting namkeen recipe for you to try and it is called sooji kurkure! This namkeen can be customised to your preferred taste, it can be either spicy and masaledaar or minty and chatpata. This namkeen recipe was shared by Parul Gupta on her YouTube channel “Cook With Parul”. This namkeen is a lot like chips, making it a favourite for elders and kids alike.

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Sooji Kurkure Recipe: How To Make Crispy, Sooji-Based Namkeen

There are two parts to making this namkeen, the first part involves cooking the namkeen and the second is making the masala for the namkeen.

First, grind sooji into a fine powder. Next, knead the dough with sooji powder, cumin powder, salt, oil and water. Make sure to knead a soft dough. Roll the dough like a roti and cut it into a big square. Use a pastry cutter to cut thin rectangles from the square. Next, cut the slices of dough into tiny triangles. They should be tiny like namkeen. Deep fry the tiny triangles till they rise like puris. Make sure they have a golden and crispy texture.

Next, prepare the seasoning masala. You can either use the magic masala seasoning available in the market or prepare a mint masala at home. For the mint masala, mix together pudina, chat masala and salt. Sprinkle the seasoning on the fried sooji squares and toss them till the namkeen absorbs the spices. The sooji Kurkure namkeen is ready!

Watch the step-by-step recipe video of Sooji Kurkure below:

Sounds delicious, right?! Make this namkeen at home and surprise your family with your culinary skills.


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