Watch: Make This Semiya Payasam In Just 20 Mins For A Quick Dessert

If you have a sweet tooth like us, then dessert may just be the solution to all of your problems. Whenever we feel sad or low, dessert is what makes our frown go upside down! When we hear good news, we celebrate our joy with dessert! Sweets are a part of our life. We can never have enough desserts! If you are looking for a quick desi dessert that can be prepared in no time, then we have the right recipe for you – Semiya Payasam! Payasam is an extremely popular South Indian pudding that resembles the North Indian kheer. This recipe version of Payasam is prepared with vermicelli, hence the name Semiya Payasam.

This sweet treat is one of the easiest dessert recipes that you can prepare at home. Ghee-fried vermicelli is cooked in milk, fried dry fruits and seasoned with cardamom and sugar. The best part is that semiya payasam can also be eaten for breakfast, due to its porridge-like nature. This can be enjoyed as a quick-fix recipe as it is ready in just 20 minutes.

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Semiya Payasam Recipe: How To Make Vermicelli Payasam At Home

To prepare this dessert, you’ll need cashew, kishmish, vermicelli, milk, cardamom powder and sugar. Start by frying dry fruits like cashew and kishmish in ghee. Remove the fried dry fruits and fry the vermicelli in the same ghee-laden pan. Next, add milk to the pan and bring it to a boil. Once the vermicelli is semi-cooked, add the sugar and cardamom powder. Let the sugar dissolve and the cardamom infuse into the milk. Add the fried dry fruits and let the ingredients come together. The semiya payasam is ready!

Watch the step-by-step recipe video of Semiya Payasam in the header section.

Sounds easy, right?! Make this semiya payasam at home and surprise your family with your culinary skills. Do tell us in the comments section how you liked this recipe.

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