Watch: Grandma Spoils Adorable Dog By Feeding Off The Dining Table


If you have a dog at your home, then you’d know how difficult it is to eat food. Every time you decide to grab yourself a snack from the kitchen, your dog will follow you around with puppy eyes in the hope that you’ll share your food. If you open a packet of chips or biscuits, your dog will come running from a different room just to see what you are eating! Some of us cave in this situation and give our pet a bite of snack, while others follow a strict pattern and refuse to share the food with their dogs to encourage good behaviour. These two schools of thought, of sharing food with dogs or refusing food to dogs, are often in a debate against each other. We have found a cute video that depicts this conundrum in the most adorable way possible. We are sure you will go in awe when you see the video! Take a look:

In the video, we meet Lady – a female white golden retriever – who has been strictly trained not to eat food off the dining table and only eat dog food, not human food. Her pet parents wish to train her so that she doesn’t demand food any time they also eat food. But, this rule breaks every time Lady’s grandma is in town. Like a true grandmother, she spoils the dog by feeding her human food straight from the table.

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This adorable video has won the hearts of dog lovers on the internet! Uploaded on Instagram through Lady’s profile @ladyandtheblues, the video has over 765k views, 45k likes and 453 comments. Here’s how people reacted to the video:

“Lady: I trained grandma well”

“Grandmas always pamper”

“Can’t tell the top boss not to feed the boss of house”

“Rules don’t count for grandparents”

“Ok ok this grandma is the exception to the rule. But only this one”

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