Watch: Farah Khan Demands Her Tiffin Boxes Back From Friends In This Funny Video

It’s almost a universal tradition. We visit our friends and families, and if we love the food served to us, we invariably request them to pack some for us to take back home for another helping. And there are some generous hosts who dole our ‘doggy bags’ even without asking. Seems like choreographer-turned-filmmaker Farah Khan Kunder famously packs and gives away leftover food to her guests. How do we know that? Through her latest Instagram post. Farah posted a video (more like a notice) on the photo-sharing app, requesting her friends to return all the dabbas they have taken over time from her house. 

Farah Khan Kunder is known for her quick wit and this video is as funny as her sense of humour. In the video, Farah says, “Hi, this is a public notice to all my friends who come to my house and who love my house food, who eat here and who take dabbas full of food back, it is now time to return those dabbas. Please, dabbas are very important. If you all don’t give me my dabbas back, how will I send you food again? Ek khaane ke dabbe ki kimat tum kya jano, dabbe waapis bhejo (You probably don’t understand the worth of a tiffin box).”

Hilarious, isn’t it? Take a look at the post: 

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Farah Khan Kunder also captioned the video with – “Dabba wapsi… It’s time to bring your dabba back home.” 

What’s even more interesting is that we found out how celebrities too take back home leftover food. Many of Farah’s friends from the industry commented on the post admitting to it. And these include the famous ‘Bollywood Wives‘. 

Maheep Kapoor wrote, “Jahaan has collected loads of your dabbas.” Bhavana Pandey clarified, “I have returned yours.” Seema Kiran Sajdeh wrote, “I’m sending my dabba, fill it!” And Neelam Kothari Soni left a bunch of laughing emojis. 

Other celebrities too commented on the post. Raveena Tandon said, “I always send back! And with return items!” 

Sanjay Kapoor wrote, “Sending you an empty dabba, please put food and send it back”. 

“Your dabbas are the best. I’m making good use of them,” said Diana Penty. 

Actor Siddharth joked, “Time for the dabbas to return. Kohinoor can wait!” 

Mini Mathur admitted, “I have one dabba from 2019! I’m still figuring out what to send back in it.” 

Simi Garewal complained, “You never gave me a dabba. You never gave me doggy bags of food. I am feeling left out.” 

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Are you also guilty of taking dabbas of leftover food from your hosts? Share with us in the comments section below.  

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