Watch: Extravagant Dosa With Host Of Ingredients Has The Internet Appalled

When it comes to dosas, we all know that there is a lot of variety. From masala and paneer dosa to rava dosa, most restaurants offer a range of this appetising crispy South Indian delights. However, for some people, their creativity knows no bounds and thus they try to do something extra even with a classic food like dosa. Recently, a video has gone viral that shows a street food vendor preparing dosa in the most extravagant way possible. In the clip, uploaded on Instagram, the vendor begins by spreading the dosa batter on the tawa and of course, puts a large slab of butter on it. Some tomatoes, capsicum, and onions are also put in it before the person proceeds to add some cashew and red chilli powder. He then adds something that has seeped into almost every fast food we have witnessed lately. Yes, it is mayonnaise.

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Well, if you think that the dish ends here, then wait till you see a man bringing a fiery earthen pot just to pour everything into it, except the dosa. Giving a final touch to the dosa, the person grates some more cheese on it and finally scrapes it off the pan before beautifying it with a layer of mayonnaise.

The dosa is then wrapped in a cone shape and placed inside the sizzling pot spilling its contents out. Making sure that it looks appealing enough, the person tops up the dish with some more cheese, coriander, and cashew.

After watching the video, many were left appalled by the process that the dosa had to go through. One user termed it the “worst food I have ever seen”.

Another highlighted the excessive amounts of cheese and butter used in the preparation. 

“I will call this dosa junk food. It is a pity that even dosa has become junk food,” read a comment.

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