Viral Photo Showing Special Parking Spots For Women Divides Internet


Viral Photo Showing Special Parking Spots For Women Divides Internet

Picture shows car parking spaces reserved for women.

A photo showing car parking spaces reserved for women is gaining traction on social media platform Reddit. Though the post doesn’t describe the exact location where the picture was clicked, the title talks about such initiatives in South Korea, China and Germany. Four pink-coloured parking spots are visible in the picture that appears to have been clicked inside a mall. These longer, broader, and pink-outlined sections are reserved only for women. The post has received more than 28,000 upvotes and over 3,700 comments since being posted four days ago.

One of the users who commented on the post, which triggered a debate, said these reserved parking spots are not limited to pregnant women, but are available to families with young kids/babies. The user also said that these parking spaces are normally found in bigger cities.

“I can fully understand people getting upset that women get their own parking spots. It is kinda sad that the society we live in needs this to help women feel safe,” wrote one user.

Another said, “There’s the real answer. Having women only spots is an outcome of a problem we shouldn’t have. But also, everyone’s selfish and hates to hear about someone else getting aid/protection that they cannot.”

However, some users appreciated the initiative. “The idea is good but having the entire parking area lit is a good idea too,” read one of the comments.

The government in South Korea launched these special women-only parking spots in Seoul in 2014 to make the capital more female-friendly. The city spent around $100 million on such initiatives, including the parking spaces that are dubbed “she-spots”.

Germany started this initiative in 2012, in the town of Tribeg.

Apart from these countries, Kuwait, Malaysia, Indonesia, Austria and Italy also have women-only parking spots.


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