Viral Hack Check: Chef Pankaj Bhadouria Shows The Right Way To Clean Bottom Of A Pan

Be it some delectable chicken curry or a fluffy omelette, feasting on these homemade dishes is always a wholesome experience. However, once you are done devouring the food, what you are left with is a pile of utensils and cutlery to clean. While it may be easy to wipe off the curry from steel spoons and ceramic plates, the job gets difficult when it comes to pans, especially its bottom. Not everyone is a Michelin star chef and messing up while cooking is quite normal for most of us. As the curry sizzles in the pan, it usually drips down the sides of the utensil and makes its way to the bottom. With time, more and more dried-up curry and food particles get accumulated at the bottom which is challenging to wipe off. Now, we know that the Internet is flooded with life hacks that claim to ease this struggle and before you try any of them, Chef Pankaj Bhadouria has checked if they really work.

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In an Instagram post, the chef tries one of the viral hacks to clean the bottom of your pan. As per the trick, she first takes a dirty pan and sprinkles some salt on its bottom before adding baking soda over it. Following this, she squeezes out some liquid dish wash soap on the bottom surface and rubs it gently. The chef then covers the bottom with some tissue papers before pouring vinegar and leaving it for 10 minutes.

Here comes the moment of truth. The chef attempts to wipe the bottom clean after the process but in vain.

However, you need not worry as chef Pankaj Bhadouria has got another hack which really works. She picks up a toilet cleaner, pours it on the base of the pan and rubs it gently before keeping it aside for around 10 minutes. After that, she again rubs the bottom to reveal that the pan actually got clean.

In the end, the chef drops a suggestion for everyone saying that one should not let their pan get so dirty in the first place and in case they have, then her hack is always there to help you.

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