Viral: Adorable Toddler Serving Dosas To His Mother Will Win Your Heart


All parents universally agree that raising a child is more than a challenge. They not only have to look after them but also teach them various things in life. From daily tasks like eating, cleaning, and more to teaching them family values, there is so much that a parent has to do. And in this process of teaching them, they also make countless adorable and hilarious memories. Recently, one such memory of a parent teaching her child to serve food has gone viral. The parent took to Instagram to share the sweet video, and this will surely make you go ‘aww.’

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In a video uploaded by Instagram user @josh_ikk, which is the child’s social media account, we see this adorable toddler. The parent can be seen having dosa, and soon the toddler comes walking towards her with dosa placed on a spatula. When he reaches near her plate, he flips the dosa adorably for her. Take a look at the full video here:

Ever since this video was uploaded, it has been viewed 12.3 million times, has 832K likes, and has up to three thousand comments! Many people can’t get over this toddler’s cuteness and have commented about the same. One person wrote, “Awww, such a cutie. The way he was handling the dosa and flipped the dosa, so cute.” Another person wrote, “He did it as if he is serving the dosa for many years.” Someone also added, “Aww, look at the dedication!”

Someone also wrote, “What a well-mannered baby!” A second user added, “The concentration in his eyes, wow!” Another person wrote, “Sweetest thing seen on Instagram today.”

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Many others also wrote that his parents are raising him right and their child is very cute. Some have also reacted using emojis!

What do you think about this adorable toddler? Do you have any such memories? Let us know in the comments below!


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