Video: BJP’s Bengaluru MLA Threatens Woman Protesting Property Demolition


When the complainant insisted she wouldn’t leave the land, the MLA asked for her to be jailed.


BJP Karnataka MLA Arvind Limbavali is once again in controversy after a video of him threatening and verbally abusing a woman went viral on social media.

The woman was taken to a police station for questioning and was sent back soon after. A First Information Report, or FIR, was lodged for interference in official work.

The Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board bulldozed the compound wall of a commercial building, saying it was built on a spruit which drains rain water. The owner of this complex, Ruth Sagai Mary Ameela, opposed this, saying she built the wall after getting a survey done by the government surveyor and taking departmental approval. 

Half of the compound wall was demolished.

Due to the rains on Monday, many parts of the Mahadevpur constituency have been flooded. On Thursday afternoon, the MLA visited the Rajkaluve encroachment site near Whitefield Cody Circle in Nallurahalli and inspected it.

A portion of the commercial building adjacent to the Raj canal was demolished with bulldozers.

Ms Ameela, who came forward to give an explanation, showed the documents and appealed to the legislator that the construction was legal. The MLA tried to snatch the document from the woman’s hand. When she insisted he listen to her first, she was abused and threatened. The incident was recorded on camera.

In the video clip, Mr Limbavali can be heard asking the police to take her away. He then instructed the cops to kick her and put her behind bars.

“Sir, it’s not government land. I’m talking with respect. You’re speaking to a lady. You are also my MLA,” Ms Ameela could be heard pleading.

“You want respect? You have encroached the land. On top of this, you want respect?” the MLA fumed, and threatened her that he will have to use a different language”.

“These people first encroach Rajkalve (storm water drainage) in connivance with corrupt officials… that leads to flooding,” he said.

When the complainant insisted she wouldn’t leave the land, the MLA asked for her to be jailed.

“Where’s the lady police. Send her here. Take her away. Make her sit in the police station. She has encroached and is now asking respect,” Mr¬†Limbavali said with his voice raised.

After the argument, women cops could be seen holding her by the arm and taking her away while she kept protesting. The police took the woman to the Whitefield police station and kept her there till the evening. Around 7.30 pm, Congress workers protested in front of the police station. Later, the police recorded the woman’s statement and sent her home.

“We have built a commercial building without encroaching on Rajkaluve. As per law, we have got approval from BBMP for the project map. When I tried to complain by showing the map and other documents, he abused me in unspeakable language,” Ms Ameela said.

She claimed that she requested not to demolish the part of the building and give her time as there is a toilet and electrical transformer there. “However, the MLA proceeded to insult and attack me. He snatched the document from my hand and threw it on the floor. The police sent him home without registering a complaint,” she said.


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