USA Woman Breaks Record For Collecting World’s Largest Pizza-Related Items


There are many dishes that people around the world love to have. But nothing comes close to the love for pizza. The greasy, cheesy, and at times topped with numerous vegetables, pizza is a delight to have in every bite. While you may like having pizza in your style, some people may take this love a little further. One such instance of taking the pizza love one step ahead came from a woman in New Jersey, USA. As per the information given by Guinness World Record, Telina Cuppari has broken the record for collecting 669 pizza-related items. Telina has posted a video of her showcasing the items in her house.

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At the beginning of the video, you can see that the woman is wearing a pizza print patterned dress with accessories that are also in the shape of a pizza. Further, she goes on to show pizza boxes, notebooks filled with pizza stickers and covers, pizza-related books, pizza posters, pizza graphics on t-shirts, shirts, socks, and more. She has set everything on display and is counting them one by one. Take a look at the full video here:

According to Guinness World Record, “Her first item was a red pizza dress, and her favourite from within the collection is a ‘date night’ pizza-themed box.” They also added, “She hopes to open a pizza museum in her home with all of the items on display for everybody to see.” Her friends even call her “Pizza girl”. Plus, she is such a fan of pizza that she had a pizza-themed maternity photo shoot and even decorated her hospital room with pizza decorations!

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Previously, this record was held by Brian Dwyer in Philadelphia in 2011 with the official world record of 561 pieces; however, Telina Cuppari broke this record recently with her collection of 669 items.

What do you think about her vast collection? Have you collected any food-related items? Let us know in the comments below!


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