US College Student Struck By Lightning, Bolt Blew Up Her Watch, Melted Shirt

The incident took place on Monday.

An 18-year-old university student in University of West Florida was struck by lightning on the first day of her classes. Emma Eggler was walking towards her class when she was struck by the lightning bolt in her chest at 2 pm on a rainy Monday (August 22), according to ABC-affiliate WEAR TV. She was knocked off her feet and unable to move her legs. The force of the blast ripped Ms Eggler’s sweater, caused her watch to explode and even blew a hole in her shoes and socks as the current exited her body, the outlet further said.

“My shirt was completely open because of the lightning strike,” Ms Eggler told WEAR TV. “It melted to me.”

“I was able to get my backpack off but I couldn’t feel my legs at all and I was scared I was paralysed and I was really panicking,” she added.

Students and staff members of the university ran towards Ms Eggler, lifted her up and put her onto a bench and dialed the emergency number 911.

The teenager said she is feeling very lucky after being transported to Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola.

“A lot of doctors told me I should buy a lottery ticket because I was so lucky,” the outlet quoted her as saying.

Another local publication reported that Ms Eggler tried to call her mother after the incident, but her phone was fried. She then took help of another student.

“He was very calm and collected. I thought he was a staff member at the university, not a student,” Ms Eggler told WKRG TV.

Ms Eggler now plans to return to school next week, according to WKRG TV report.

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