UK Beachgoers Warned About Fish That Can Make People Unconscious

Picture shows a Weever fish which has three venomous spines present at its dorsal fin.

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) has warned beachgoers about a particular species of small fish found across United Kingdom and Ireland. The institute said that the crustaceans have deadly sting containing venomous substance which may leave humans unconscious.

These are known as Weever fish. The light-coloured fish easily blend in the sand. They spend the most of their time buried in the sand with just their dorsal fin visible above ground.

There are three venomous spines present at the dorsal fin that protect the fish from its possible predators, said RNLI.

A warning has been issued by institute for beachgoers to be on the lookout for the potentially harmful fish.

Being stung by a Weever fish can be painful, but it is usually not a reason for concern because it does not inflict substantial harm. The intensity of pain varies from person to person according to their pain tolerance and the number of spines that penetrated the skin, RNLI said.

The RNLI has also recommended precautionary steps that may be taken if stung by this fish.

“All RNLI lifeguards are trained to treat Weever fish stings and deal with hundreds each year. If you find yourself stung by a Weever fish at a lifeguarded beach, quickly alert a lifeguard and they will be on hand to apply medical attention. The charity’s lifeguards will continue to monitor you after carrying out the above steps to prevent any allergic reactions,” the release further said.

The Institute has advised all the beachgoers to wear wetsuit boots or swimming shoes while wading in the shallows to prevent being stung. This action disturbs the sand and scares off adjacent fish.

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