Udaipur Cook Asks Students To Throw Meals Served By Dalit Girls, Arrested


Udaipur Cook Asks Students To Throw Meals Served By Dalit Girls, Arrested

parents of the girls demanded action against the cook.


A cook was arrested for allegedly discriminating against two Dalit girls in a government school in the state’s Udaipur district, police said on Saturday.

The Dalit girls had reportedly served midday meal cooked by one Lala Ram Gurjar in a government upper primary school in Barodi area on Friday.

Lal Ram objected to this and asked the students, who were having the meal, to throw it away because it was served by Dalits, police said.

The students followed the instruction and threw the meal.

The girls told about the incident to their family members following which they, with some of their relatives, reached the school and demanded action against the cook.

“A case against the cook was registered with Gogunda Police Station under the prevention of SC and ST (Prevention of Atrocities) act,” police said.

“A prompt action was taken as the matter was found true. Food was thrown by students because Dalit girls served it.

“The cook used to get the food served by the students of his choice who are from upper castes but yesterday, a teacher asked the Dalit girls to serve the food because they were complaining of not being served well,” they said.

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