Twitter Circle lets you create your own tweet groups, like WhatsApp!


Twitter Circle is a new feature to allow members to share tweets with specific people in a group. Here is how it works.

Twitter is a sensitive platform to share your views and feelings, and sometimes your views may not be accepted by most of your followers, especially if you have thousands of followers. Maybe some of your tweets are just meant for your friends, or a particular kind of followers. Twitter now has a solution for you with the Twitter Circle feature. This is simply like the concept of a WhatsApp group, wherein the post you make is only shared with the people who are included in your group. On Twitter though, you do it a bit differently.

Twitter Circle was initially rolled out to a few users as part of testing. The feature is now rolling out to everyone and can be activated by you as well. Twitter Circle will let you create a small group of 150 people from your list of followers. “You choose who’s in your Twitter Circle, and the individuals you’ve added can view, reply to and interact with the Tweets you share in the circle,” says Twitter in the official blog post.

Twitter Circle rolling out to everyone

If you have been added to someone’s Twitter Circle, the tweets made by them for the Circle will contain a green badge. This will be an identifier that the tweet is limited to a certain group of people. Note that these tweets cannot be retweeted by others.

Twitter had initially began testing Twitter Circle in May 2022 with a limited number of people on iOS, Android, and web.

But who should use Twitter Circle? According to Twitter, it can be used if you want to:

– have more flexibility to choose who can see your Tweets

– feel more comfortable Tweeting and expressing yourself with select people

– remove the need for alternate or secondary accounts

Along with the Twitter Circle, there are some other features available on Twitter for users to try out regarding control over conversations.

-Change who can reply to a Tweet midway through a conversation! Twitter had

revamped its Conversation Settings to let people “Change who can reply” to a Tweet

midway through a conversation, or a series of tweet replies.

– Unmention: Twitter also added the ability to remove your mention from a tweet or a conversation.

– Remove followers: You can now quietly remove a follower instead of blocking them on Twitter.



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