This Traditional Turkish Herbal Tea Is One Of The Purest Teas In The World


This Traditional Turkish Herbal Tea Is One Of The Purest Teas In The World

A cup of piping hot tea is what most of us need to put an end to a busy day.  And, the best part about this particular beverage is that it is versatile. It is often made with a variety of ingredients and flavours in different parts of the world. Apart from its taste and rich flavours, tea is known for its healing properties. One such interesting beverage is Turkish tea. A page on Instagram by the name “Nutrition by Lovneet,” shares the benefits of Turkish tea which is one of the purest teas in the world. The caption states, “The traditional Turkish herbal tea is called “CAY” which is a black tea that is served in a small tulip-shaped glass. This tea holds a number of beneficial health benefits. That means you can sip, socialise and benefit your body with every brew.”     

Here are some points you must know about Turkish tea:

1) It’s said that black tea has caffeine and a molecule named L-theanine that has the ability to help you increase alertness and focus. While L-theanine increases alpha activity in the brain, it provides relaxation and better focus.

2) It is to be noted that this tea carries a group of antioxidants called flavonoids that are beneficial for heart health. These flavonoids can help reduce LDL; the “bad” cholesterol that contributes to heart attacks and strokes.

3) Black tea can also affect fat metabolism. This can increase fat oxidation, boost exercise performance, and prevent obesity.

Well, tea isn’t the only drink that comes with a set of health benefits. Have you heard about “golden milk”? A post on the same page, “Nutrition by Lovneet,” states that golden milk is a great remedy for PCOS. To prepare this drink, you just need four ingredients – coconut milk, raw turmeric, ginger and whole black pepper. All you have to do is boil some milk and add the mentioned ingredients to it. Bring it to a boil and your golden milk is ready. This PCOS healer drink helps in lowering and eliminating inflammation in the body. It also works wonders in improving the texture of your skin. If you have like symptoms like irregular periods, painful cramps and nausea caused due to hormonal issues, this drink will help you deal with them.

Do try out these drinks whenever it is possible for you.

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