This Ice Cream Shop In Arizona Serves 266 Milkshake Flavours In An Hour; Breaks Record

Are you someone who enjoys those thick, flavoured and delicious milkshakes? If yes, then you surely need to plan a trip to the United States. Wonder why? It is because an Arizona-based ice cream shop offers the largest variety of milkshakes in the world. That’s right. Reportedly, an ice cream shop named Snow Cap in Seligman, United States is serving 266 different flavours of milkshakes. And just recently, the outlet registered its name in the Guinness World Record by serving all the 266 varieties of milkshakes in the shortest possible time – in just one and half hours. You heard us!

Reportedly, Snow Cap is a family-owned business (the Delgadilo family) who decided to experiment with the milkshake flavours. From burgers to nachos and other snacks, they tried every possible combination in the milkshake; and ended up having 266 different flavours.

The outlet took to its Instagram to announce the news of their world record and shared a snap of the certificate by Guinness World Record.

“It’s official…we broke the Guinness world record for most milkshakes displayed 266. I would like to thank Mobil 1 for asking us to host such a great event. We could not have done it without our amazing Snow Cap staff and our beautiful family and the town of Seligman. We did it in 1 hour 35 minutes. We rocked it!!!” the post read.

Take a look:

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The Insta-post instantly garnered attention on the internet and people showered the brand with congratulatory notes. “Not a bit surprised! Congrats!” wrote one. Another person commented, “Wow amazing and extremely delicious.” A third person wrote, “266! The dancing and music to get there were the best part.”

Would you want to give these unique milkshakes a try? Do share your thoughts in the comments below.

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