This Grilled Paneer Sandwich Is Perfect To Relish Any Day (Recipe Inside)


Regardless of how fancy or simple the recipe is, a decent sandwich usually makes us feel satisfied quickly. A sandwich is one of those food items that can be made with a combination of several ingredients. You can add veggies, proteins, simple cheese, greens, or anything else. Any way you make it, it will always be delicious! Plus, with various cooking methods, you can choose how crispy or soft you want the sandwich to be. But, if you are stuck with the same boring aloo sandwich recipe, it is time to give your menu a new look. For the same, we bring you a recipe for a yummy grilled paneer sandwich! Paneer is a popular Indian ingredient that is a favourite of many. Its soft texture goes well with anything you add it to. With this being said, making a paneer grilled sandwich is a must!

In this delightful sandwich recipe, first, the paneer is chopped into bite-size pieces, then it is mixed with spices and herbs. Here we have also made use of corn to give it a little crunchy texture. You can choose any bread of your liking. We recommend that you go with multigrain bread. This recipe is perfect for the time when you don’t feel like cooking much and want something fulfilling. You can even pack and carry this sandwich in your lunch box! Find the full recipe for this yummy grilled paneer sandwich below:

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Grilled Paneer Sandwich: Here’s How To Make Grilled Paneer Sandwich:

First, dice some paneer in a bowl. To this, add, red chilli flakes, pepper, oregano, and salt. Throw in the boiled corn and combine everything well. Now take two pieces of bread. Spread some ketchup on the bread. If you wish to make it zingier, top it with some tandoori mayo. Place your paneer mix in the center and close from the top. Grill this till cooked, and then relish with any dip of your liking!

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