This Easy Pasta Recipe By Chef Saransh Goila Is Ready In Just 15 Mins


Are you craving pasta? Well, then, we have something really delicious in store for you. Presenting, Cacio e pepe – a delicious pasta dish that only needs three ingredients. On top of the luxurious taste, this pasta recipe can also be your ideal comfort food. Are you familiar with the Roman dialect? If not, let us tell you that Cacio is Romanesco for sheep’s milk cheese, and pepe means black pepper. While the traditional recipe is time-consuming and tedious, chef Saransh Goila is here with a quicker version of this classic dish. According to the chef, you can make cacio e pepe in just 15 minutes. And yes, he has shared the full recipe on Instagram!

“Under 15 mins you can make this! It’s a fast and quick and delishaaas version of the classic. It is just beautiful for today. Who’s making this tonight?” Saransh captioned the post. 

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Here’s How To Make Cacio E Pepe Pasta As Shared By Chef Saransh Goila:



Black peppercorns – 3 tbsp 

Salted butter – 4 tbsp 

Parmesan cheese – 4 tbsp

Salt to taste 


Step 1: Toast and pound black peppercorns 

Step 2: Take a bowl and add some butter to it. Now grate parmesan cheese on top of it. 

Step 3: Add salt and black pepper to this butter-cheese mix. Whisk it properly. Your cacio e pepe mix is ready. 

Step 4: Meanwhile, boil some spaghetti. P.S: make sure there is a bite to it. 

Step 5: Now, place a portion of boiled spaghetti in the serving dish. Add two spoons of cacio e pepe mix to the warm spaghetti. Mix it well. You can also add 1 tbsp of pasta water to make it saucy. 

Step 6: Serve hot. 

Watch the full recipe video for cacio e pepe by chef Saransh Goila here:


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