These Yummy Corn And Cheese Puffs Will Melt In Your Mouth (Recipe Inside)

The mid-week has begun, and the happiness of working only two more days has kicked in for many of us. While it may just seem like a regular Wednesday, this day can also be made special in many ways. And when it comes to making something special, what better way to do that than food!? No matter how your day is going, your favourite snacks and meals instantly enhance it. So, if you also want to turn around your regular Wednesday, here we bring you a quick and easy recipe of corn and cheese puffs to try! Corn and cheese are one of the most popular combinations of all time. Many make dips out of it or use it in other recipes such as cutlets, pizza, pasta, and more. However, if you want to make the best out of this classic combo, this corn and cheese puff is a must-try.

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When you are not in the mood for a big meal, puffs are a great recipe to make. The puffs have flaky layers and a crispy texture. The filling inside is generally soft and moist. One can make puffs from vegetables, chicken, eggs, and more. However, this time we have a different unique recipe for you. Once you make this cheesy puff, pair it with a spicy dip to make it more indulgent! Read the recipe below.

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Corn And Cheese Puff Recipe: Here’s How To Make Corn And Cheese Puff

First, take all-purpose flour and knead a dough from it. Keep it aside. Now, take a bowl and boil corn in it. Mix this corn with mayonnaise, salt, pepper, red chilli powder and combine. Finally, add some shredded cheese to it and mix again. Then, make small roundels from the dough and fill the filling in the centre. Close it in a round shape. Now, you can fry these or air fry these delights. Once crispy, take out and enjoy!

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Try out these recipes and let us know how you liked their taste.

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