Terror coming! Huge Asteroid 2017 BU heading towards Earth.


Asteroid 2017 BU will pass close to the Earth today on Aug 29, 2022. Will the aeroplane-sized Asteroid 2017 BU come dangerously close to Earth?

After the fiery crash of a small asteroid onto Earth recently, all asteroids coming close to our planet have been making huge headlines. NASA keeps a track of asteroids and comets that will make relatively close approaches to Earth in order to ensure there is no tragedy. However, the small asteroids are tough to locate till the last moment and may even escape scrutiny. But, according to the latest report, a new one has been caught. A 30ft asteroid will be making a close pass to Earth and will pass within 6.05 million kilometres on August 29. Dubbed as Asteroid 2017 BU, it will reportedly fly past Earth at 22:05 at a distance of 6.05 million kilometres. However, it’s not dangerous for us as there is no chance of collision. Check out the details here.

Asteroid 2017 BU

On August 29, the asteroid 2017 BU as big as the size of an aeroplane will reportedly fly by the Earth at a speed of 7 km/s at a distance of 6.05 million kilometres. The space rock was detected on January 19, 2017. This near-Earth object belongs to the Apollo group and it will make its next near encounter to Earth on February 05, 2051 at a safe distance of 7.6 million kilometres.

According to Sky.org, Asteroid 2017 BU makes one orbit around the Sun in 376 days and currently it moves away from the Sun at a maximum distance of 191 million kilometres and approaches it to a minimum distance of 114 million kilometres.

The report further says that the distance of the asteroid 2017 BU from Earth is currently 6.31 million kilometres, which is equivalent to 0.04 astronomical units. Light takes around 0 minutes and 21 seconds to travel via 2017 BU and.

That’s not all, there are two more space rocks named Asteroid 2022 QP3 and QX4 that will fly by our planet on August 28 and 29 respectively. While the will travel from a distance of 5,510,000, the other one will fly by at 1,830,000 km distance from earth.



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