Teen Who Built ‘Iron Man’ Suit Is Now…: Anand Mahindra Gives An Update


Teen Who Built 'Iron Man' Suit Is Now...: Anand Mahindra Gives An Update

New Delhi:

The power of social media is unparalleled. A striking and rather heartwarming example of this is industrialist Anand Mahindra’s latest post. The chairman of Mahindra Group has shared an update on Prem, the young man from Manipur who went viral on social media last year for building an Iron Man suit from scrap. 

On Sunday, Mr Mahindra shared his post from a year ago and wrote, “Many of you may remember Prem’s story. We were delighted when he accepted our offer of joining Mahindra University  where he is now an engineering student. And this past summer he interned at Mahindra’s Auto Design Studio under the tutelage of Pratap Bose.”

Sharing Prem’s success story, Mr Mahindra said, “I was very pleased when Pratap told me that Prem’s had a very successful summer internship—working specifically on advanced car door opening mechanisms. Most important Pratap praised Prem’s inclination to ‘learn by making things.’ We need more of that mode of education!”

The original tweet from September 2021 said: “Move over Tony Stark. Make way for the REAL Iron Man. And it would be a privilege to assist him & his siblings in their education. If someone can connect me to him, it will be a privilege for me & K.C. Mahindra Education Trust to support him…”

Mr Mahindra had reached out to him last year and had also shared a tweet regarding their interaction. “Remember Prem, our young Indian Ironman from Imphal?” Mr Mahindra wrote, adding: “We promised to help him get the engineering education he wanted and I’m delighted to share that he has arrived at Mahindra University in Hyderabad.” 

He also thanked the Indigo airline team for taking “such good care” of Prem during the journey.

Anand Mahindra has often amplified stories of inspirational individuals on his timeline and helped place the spotlight on those who deserve encouragement.

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