Suresh Raina’s Joy Over Having Home-Cooked Food Is Too Relatable


We all enjoy eating food outside, however, the comfort and joy that a home-cooked meal brings to our foodie heart is incomparable to the 5-star, gourmet meals. Growing up with the food cooked by our loved ones, we all have emotions and sentiments attached to ‘ghar ka khana’! Some people vouch that their mother makes the best dal chawal, others share nostalgia over pickles and chutneys their grandmothers made for them. We all can agree that home-cooked food makes us happy, right?! Guess what? Former cricketer Suresh Raina also relates to this foodie sentiment! Take a look:


Suresh Raina was spotted sharing some tender moments with his family over ‘ghar ka khana’, more specifically, his “mother’s food”! At home with his mother and brother, Suresh Raina was enjoying a grand feast prepared by his mother and he seemed eager to try out all the delicacies. We could spot dal, gravy, rice, salad and pickles on the dining table. Just looking at Suresh Raina’s big smile made us nostalgic for some comforting food! If you are having the same cravings, then we have found the recipes for classic comfort foods that will bring a warm smile to your face:

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If you have been following Suresh Raina on Instagram, then you’d know that he is a big foodie! With over 20.9 million followers, Suresh Raina always brings along his fan and followers on all his foodie adventures. Did you know that he not only loves to eat but also loves to cook food too?! Many times have we seen Suresh Raina cooking up a storm with his handi in his kitchen, cooking a variety of delicacies. He also likes to bond with his daughter over food, by encouraging her to cook with him.

What do you think of Suresh Raina’s joy in eating a home-cooked meal? Do tell us in the comments section below!


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