Stick it on! Turn yourself into a WhatsApp sticker

WhatsApp is working on an exciting new feature that will make your chats more personalised and interesting.

WhatsApp avatar has been part of several leaks and rumours over the last couple of months. The WhatsApp’s updates tracker WabetaInfo had signaled the arrival of these emoji-inspired animated Avatars on WhatsApp earlier. In the past, Avatars have been reported to be an important part of a Meta-owned messaging app to represent yourself in a certain way in the future. It was also said to be used as a mask during video calls in the very distant future. Now, in the latest development, WabetaInfo suggested that the Avatar feature is under development to make it a sticker in the near future.

For those who are unaware of this exciting new feature, Meta has already introduced 3D Avatars for Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram, which allows you to create and customize an avatar that resembles you. Now, these 3D virtual images of yourself will soon make their appearance on your messaging app. You will get the option to customize the hair, skin colour, eyes, outfits, accessories, and more to create a perfect digital avatar of yourself. Moreover, the WABetaInfo report suggests that WhatsApp will enable a feature that will turn your 3D virtual creatures into stickers.

WabetaInfo report shared a glimpse that suggests that “WhatsApp will automatically create your own sticker pack based on the configured avatar within WhatsApp Settings so you can finally share your personalized stickers that express who you are with your chats and groups.” The screenshot illustrates that the avatar-based stickers will be available under a single set sticker pack in different poses.

Additionally, you will be able to set your avatar as a profile picture too in the future.

When are animated Avatars on WhatsApp coming? Sadly, it is still unknown! The report confirms that the ability to create an avatar is under development, hence there is no exact release date, however, it will be released in the near future rather than some distant time.

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