Shocking! YouTuber tests iPhone 14 Pro crash detection feature by crashing his car

In a shocking development, a YouTuber tested iPhone 14 Pro crash-detection system by crashing his own car.

How far can you go to test a new feature on your new iPhone? A YouTuber went to all extremes to test out the new iPhone 14 Pro crash-detection feature. TechRax, who has over 7 million subscribers on YouTube and specialises in testing out new tech features, outfitted a car with GoPro camera and remote-control system to crash it into junked cars in a field to check the reliability of the new iPhone 14 Pro car detection feature. Apple in its blog on this feature had earlier mentioned, “If your iPhone 14 detects a severe car crash, it can help connect you to emergency services and notify your emergency contacts.”

In the YouTuber’s video, the new iPhone 14 Pro can be seen strapped to the headrest of the driver’s seat as they crash it into a stationary vehicle. And guess what? As soon as the crash happened, it activated an emergency SOS countdown, showing that the crash detection feature works.

The alarm was cancelled by the team before it could call emergency services.

The emergency SOS countdown is a 20-second countdown and once it reaches zero without anyone cancelling it, the phone automatically calls emergency services for help.

“If you are unresponsive, your iPhone will play an audio message for emergency services, which informs them that you’ve been in a severe crash and gives them your latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates with an approximate search radius,” said Apple.

Not only the new iPhone 14 series but this new Crash detection is also available on the new Apple Watch Apple Watch SE (2nd Generation), Apple Watch Series 8, and Apple Watch Ultra.

According to Apple, the Crash Detection is on by default, however, you can turn off alerts and automatic emergency calls by visiting the Settings tab.

Clearly, the YouTuber was not willing to take Apple’s word for it and wanted to test the feature to make sure it was a genuine vow. Of course, the spectacle that he created will surely help him grab eye-balls on the Net! He must surely be the first to have tried this stunt and earned all the bragging rights.

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