Shocking! Uber slaps whopping £35000 bill on man for 15-min ride


A UK man has been charged a massive £35000 for a short 15 minutes Uber ride. The reason is shocking.

We usually try to find coupons to make our Uber rides more affordable, but this short ride almost ended up costing a man £35000, or around $39000 for just a 15-minute journey! The Manchester Evening News report revealed that a 22-year old UK man Oliver Kaplan had finished his shift at work and booked an Uber ride to meet some friends from Buxton Inn, Hyde. The Uber took him to the Witchwood, a pub in Ashton-under-Lyne, which is around a journey of roughly four miles. The report says that Kaplan confirmed the price by Uber app was quoted between £10-11.

But the next morning, when he received a message from Uber informing him that he had insufficient funds as his bill was £35427.97 (around $39000) for a 15-minute journey. “When I woke up hungover the next morning, the last thing I expected was a charge of over £35000!” the report quoted Oliver as saying.

Insufficient amount in the bank saved him!

As soon as he realised that he had been charged a hefty amount, he rushed to contact Uber’s customer service through the app to find out about the absurd charges. After a long argument, the customer care person for Uber finally revealed the reason for the high prices of the bill, which was the wrongly set drop-off location to Australia!

He said that the sky-high amount couldn’t be deducted from his account because he had insufficient funds. “If I have had that sort of money, I would have had to chase them for a refund – it could have landed me in all sorts of financial trouble,” he further told Manchester Evening News. Thankfully, after a while, Uber adjusted Oliver’s fare to the real amount, which was £10.73.


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