Shocking! Dangerous AirTag BANNED! Check bad news for Apple


Apple AirTag has been banned by Lufthansa airlines from all passengers’ luggage. Check details here.

Apple Airtag has been banned by Germany’s Lufthansa airlines from all passengers’ luggage. The device has been termed dangerous and needs to be turned off by the airline. Lufthansa informed about the same by replying to a query raised by a Twitter user named David Thomas (@djthomashome). “@lufthansa Rumour is spreading that #Lufthansa has #banned #airtags from checked baggage = is this rumour correct? = are @Apple AirTags banned from your flights? = thank you,” @djthomashome tweeted.

Replying to which Lufthansa airlines said, “Hi David, Lufthansa is banning activated AirTags from luggage as they are classified as dangerous and need to be turned off./Mony.” The airline further tweeted and informed, “According to ICAO guidelines, baggage trackers are subject to the dangerous goods regulations. Furthermore, due to their transmission function, the trackers must be deactivated during the flight if they are in checked baggage and cannot be used as a result.” It can be known that people use Apple AirTags to track their luggage in real-time.

Also according to a report by Apple Insider, the ICAO guidelines under which the airline has banned AirTags are wrong, specifically, the regulation that Lufthansa is citing. “AppleInsider has spoken with multiple international aviation experts, and they all told us that the ban isn’t based on anything in the regulation. One went so far as to tell us that the ban is “a way to stop Lufthansa from being embarrassed by lost luggage,”” the report said.

It further added, “additionally, Lufthansa seems to indicate that AirTags could be put into hold luggage if the battery is removed for transit. Doing so defeats the purpose of the tracker, and would eliminate the key selling point of AirTags in helping travelers know where their luggage is located. This has led to some embarrassment for airlines and airports, such as instances where luggage got lost at an airport between flights, as well as an office full of lost luggage. It has also helped with the arrest of a baggage handler who stole thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and other items.”


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