Seema Kiran Sajdeh Gives Us A Glimpse Of Bhavana Pandey’s Latest Indulgence


We have fresh pictures coming in from Seema Kiran Sajdeh and Bhavana Pandey’s Maldives vacation. ‘The Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives’ duo share a great camaraderie with each other. If you are a fan of the show then you would know the importance of vacation and good food in their lives. Well, the latest post also comes with a delightful gastronomic twist. Seema has shared a picture on Instagram Stories of Bhavana’s food tales. Here, she can be seen biting into a mouth-watering flaky pastry puff. However, for the caption, Seema mentioned, “Werewolf hunger pangs,” and added cartoon ghost emoji. 


If you want to gorge on some similar tea-time snacks, here’s a list of recipes that you can follow. Make these five super indulgent baked food items at home and treat yourself.

1) Pizza puff

Pizza lovers, if you want to cook up something quickly that reminds you of this popular Italian dish, stop here. This pizza puff made with wheat flour and semolina carries the goodness of cheese and some vegetables like onion, tomato and capsicum.   

2) Matar puff

If you are looking for a perfect tea-time snack to satiate your rumbling tummy, your search ends here. This fusion snack has stuffing made with freshly produced peas along with other homely masalas. It’s easy, flaky, crispy and goes perfectly well with your cup of chai.   

3) Puff pastry

This puff pastry is a wonderful snack you can munch on between meals. Just make it at home once and you can carry it along with you to work or wherever you go out.

4) Cream roll

As kids, we would love to devour this wholesome treat, right? Well, you can still relive your childhood days and make this at home. This is a good choice even when you are craving something sweet. Just remember to use Greek yoghurt instead of regular curd to get the right consistency of the cream in your rolls.   

5) Croissants

Who doesn’t love diving into this buttery, flaky French bread roll? If you enjoy baking, this is something you must try at home. Yes, it does take time and a handful of ingredients but the final output is always so good. 

We hope you have a great time with these snacks at home.  


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