Sayani Gupta’s Meal Featured These Delicious Bengali Delicacies


Bengali cuisine is popular for its rich flavours and distinctive style of cooking. Today, reminding us of the goodness of Bengali food is Sayani Gupta. The actress is a big foodie and often likes to cook up a storm in her kitchen to satiate herself. So, what did she devour today? Sayani has shared snippets of two dishes from her authentic Bengali meal and they look utterly delicious. The first snap showed a mouth-watering begun ilish. It’s a light curry cooked with Hilsa fish (Ilish maachh) and eggplant (begun) also known as brinjal, with a bunch of spices. Begun ilish is known to be a super comforting and simple curry that Bengalis swear by. Mentioning the name of the dish, Sayani added the sticker, “My kitchen.”

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The next picture featured yet another traditional dish – aloo posto. In this recipe, usually aloo refers to potatoes and posto means poppy seeds in Bengali. Traditionally, potatoes are cooked in chillies, turmeric and yummy poppy seeds paste. Sayani has garnished aloo posto with some maroon deep-fried chopped onions to add more flavours to the delicacy.        


If Sayani Gupta’s foodie indulgences piqued your interest in Bengali cuisine, we have listed a few more traditional recipes for your knowledge. Take a look.

1)Dimer dhokkar dalna and luchi

This is a local Bengali delicacy featuring steamed cakes made with eggs, potatoes and spices and simmered in a nice indulgent curry. Luchi is nothing but deep-fried puris.   

2) Bhappa aloo

If you ever wish to tweak your regular style of making potatoes, go for this traditional dish. Steamed potatoes cooked with mild homely spices spell indulgence. 

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3) Bengali doi maach

For all fish lovers out there, presenting this heavenly dish that will surely appeal to your taste. Marinated fish pieces cooked into a yoghurt-based gravy are too good to miss.

4) Dhokar dalna

The special Bengali vegetarian dish is equally enticing. It has chana dal marinated along with potatoes dipped in a thick gravy full of spices.

5) Chingri malai curry

It’s a thick prawn curry and makes for a wonderful treat for seafood lovers. Prawns made into a thick gravy loaded with spices taste yummy.

So, what are your plans for preparing a Bengali meal?


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