Satbir Singh, Sikh Aid’s CEO Honoured with SMEBiZZ CEO Star Awards 2022 For His Humanitarian Work – The Times News


In the modern times, the majority of people, especially the young generation is more focused on earning wealth, name and fame. We find happiness in parties, travelling, shopping, etc. but there are few youngsters who feel happy by making others happy. Such persons get ultimate satisfaction after they bring smile on the faces of others even if they have no relation or connection with them or in other words, they are totally strangers for them.

We are talking about people like Satbir Singh who is the CEO of Sikh Aid, an NGO which operates all over the country and overseas as well. Satbir Singh was recently honoured with SMEBiZZ CEO Star Awards 2022 for the wonderful humanitarian work that he has been doing through his organization Sikh Aid. The grand event had taken place on 23rd July 2022 at The Leela Ambience, Gurugram and it was a great attempt to recognize some of the most hard-working and extraordinary CEOs of the country. The event was graced by a good number of famous and eminent celebrities and politicians and the chief guest of the function was Union Minister Ramdas Athawale. Satbir Singh has also been recognized as the Best CEO in Sikh Social Welfare Category and he was awarded with the Certificate of Appreciation at the grand event.

During the COVID-19 pandemic when most of people were sitting inside their houses in order to keep themselves and their family members safe, Satbir Singh was busy helping the poor and the downtrodden who lost their livelihood in the tough times. Satbir Singh is also known as the “Oxygen Man of Odisha” because he saved around 15K lives by providing oxygen cylinders and concentrators to the hospitals as there was acute shortage of oxygen during the second wave of the pandemic.

 Sikh Aid was founded on the principles of Sikh teachings, “Naam Japo, Kirat Karo, Vandh Chakho” and it was founded in Cuttack, Odisha in the year 2020 but now it is one of the most famous NGOs as it is helping many needy people all across the country.

Satbir Singh was very passionate for helping others from a very young age and he has now converted his passion into his aim for life with the help of Sikh Aid. In the present times, Sikh Aid is playing an instrumental role in improving lives of the poor by providing them food free of cost (langars) and by ensuring that nobody sleeps hungry. The NGO is also imparting education to many kids of poor families especially the girls from rural areas as their parents are not able to bear the expenses related to school and studies.

Sikh Aid also took the initiative of helping women of rural regions in maintaining their menstrual hygiene management by distributing free sanitary napkins to them. A project “No Spot” was started under the leadership of Satbir Singh and more than 1 lakh sanitary napkins were distributed to poor women for whom sanitary napkins are no less than luxury. Though in the beginning, 13 villages of Odisha were adopted under this initiative, now sanitary napkins and hygiene kits are provided to poor women all over the country.

Keep up the good work Satbir Singh and keep inspiring the youngsters to be a part of the mission which we know as Sikh Aid!


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