Rhea Kapoor Shares Pic Of Mouth-Watering Cheesecake At Her Dadi’s Birthday Party

Rhea Kapoor’s grandmother Nirmal Kapoor celebrated her 88th birthday on September 28. The Kapoor family made it a point to share glimpses from the amazing birthday party. The photos scream goals from miles away. And, in the middle of this, Rhea Kapoor’s food post caught our attention. She has shared an image of mouth-watering Nutella cheesecake. But do you know what’s special about this cake? It was sent by none other than Rhea’s BFF and a noted pastry chef Pooja Dhingra. The cake looked super delectable with tonnes of Nutella, a creamy texture and nuts on top. The dessert also read, “We love you dadi.”

Take a look:

Has Rhea Kapoor’s food post left you with some major hunger pangs? We don’t blame you. The cake looks oh-so-yummy. Isn’t it? And, we have listed about five cake recipes that can be tried at home.

1) Chilled pineapple cheesecake

Let’s start the list with this super tantalising cheesecake. Yes, you may have tried a lot of other cheesecakes, but this one is unique. Its smooth and creamy texture will leave you asking for more. 

2) Marble cake

If you haven’t tried marble cakes before, this is the time you treat yourself to this delicacy. A classic combination of vanilla, cocoa and chocolate makes this cake a must-trying. You just need some basic ingredients to prepare this.

3) Sour cream chocolate cake

This is a great option to rely on whenever you are hungry and want to relish a cake. It takes about an hour to get ready but trust us, the final output is sure to impress you. Also, you can bake this whenever it’s someone’s birthday at home.    

4) Banana cake

You don’t like a lot of chocolate or cream? Worry not. We have a rather simple and delicious recipe for you. This banana cake can be best paired with your evening cuppa. Also, it hardly takes about thirty minutes to get ready. So, if there are kids at home, quickly prepare a banana cake and they will love it.

5) Microwave chocolate fudge

This is heaven for all chocolate lovers. It’s a quick recipe that will help you satiate your taste buds with a drool-worthy chocolate treat. You just need semi-sweet chocolate chips, sweetened condensed milk, butter and chopped walnuts for this sweet delicacy.   

So, what’s your pick? Keep us informed of your experiences while baking these cakes.

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