On Truth Social, Donald Trump Asks “Why Are People So Mean?”, Gets Trolled On Twitter: Report


On Truth Social, Donald Trump Asks 'Why Are People So Mean?', Gets Trolled On Twitter: Report

Donald Trump asked the question during a 60-post spree on Truth Social.

Former President of the United States Donald Trump was mocked on Twitter after he asked his followers on his social media website “Why are people so mean?” 

According to the Independent, Mr Trump asked the question during a 60-post spree on Truth Social. He posted a series of “retruths”, memes and angry statements on his microblogging website. He even shared a string of QAnon-linked conspiracy theory accounts as well as 4chan message board. 

Internet users were quick to react and share a screenshot of his Truth Social post on Twitter. Responding to his question about people being “mean”, one user wrote, “An adult man actually sent that out? Why haven’t his kids  taken away the child’s phone?” Another said, “It you, Donald. It’s all you.” 

A third said, “He has no self-awareness, does he?” while a fourth commented, “Seriously, he looks into a mirror and sees nothing.” 

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One user even pointed out that the former US President once made fun of a disabled journalist. “Wait. Isn’t this Trump making fun of a disabled journalist? Is that mean?” the user wrote. 

Another said, “This is a priceless post! No President has been worse, and meaner… EVER! So… there’s that!” 

Meanwhile, this comes in the wake of an FBI raid at his Florida mansion, which was triggered by a review of “highly classified” records that Mr Trump finally surrendered to authorities in January this year. 

According to reports, the US Justice Department began investigating the matter after the 15 boxes were found to contain national defence information, including 184 documents marked as confidential, secret or top secret. 

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On Wednesday it was even reported that the documents at his Florida home were “likely concealed” to obstruct an FBI probe into Mr Trump’s potential mishandling of classified materials. 

The former president has yet to formally explain why he had documents against the wishes of the National Archives, but his legal team has stated that Mr Trump’s possession of sensitive information “should have never been a cause for alarm,” and described the raid as “unprecedented, unnecessary and legally unsupported”. 


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