Noida Twin Towers’ Demolition: 5 Points On ‘Water Implosion’ Technique


Noida Twin Towers' Demolition: 5 Points On 'Water Implosion' Technique

The Noida twin towers were demolished on Sunday (August 28).

The Supertech twin towers in Noida were brought down by a massive explosion today. The experts used the ‘waterfall implosion’ technique to raze the towers in just nine seconds.

Here are five points on the technique:

  1. The ‘water implosion’ technique is used when the experts want a structure to collapse inwards and onto itself. It is often used in urban settings in which engineers tactfully remove the supporting structures of the building that brings it down.

  2. Edifice Engineering, company that was tasked with the demolition, said the Supreme Court had ordered this project should be completed with minimal disturbance and in shortest possible time, which is why they decided to go with the implosion technique. “The technique is chosen on the basis of three parameters – cost, time and safety,” Edifice Engineering partner Utkarsh Mehta told news agency PTI.

  3. The experts strategically placed 3,700 kg of explosives in the two towers – Apex and Ceyane. It made the buildings crumble like water in a waterfall (hence the name).

  4. It took nine seconds for the twin towers, which were taller than Qutub Minar, to collapse and another 12 minutes for the dust to settle.

  5. The other techniques considered by the experts to bring the building down were diamond cutter and robotics. But they require a lot of time to prepare the buildings for demolition, and were costly too. The experts said the other two techniques would have caused inconvenience to the residents of nearby societies too. ‘Waterfall implosion’ saved them from all that.


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