New York Farmer Sets Record For Growing Giant Pumpkin, Guess Its Weight

For some people, growing vegetables is a means of sustenance but for others, it is a passion project. We often read about huge records being shattered by farmers for largest or heaviest vegetables grown. And this time, a new humongous vegetable has grabbed eyeballs on the internet. A New York farmer has grown a giant pumpkin in his farm and has set a new record for the same. According to the Great Pumpkin Farm, the record for heaviest pumpkin in North America was broken by Scott Andrusz in Buffalo, New York. The picture of the giant pumpkin was shared on Facebook and went viral on the social media platform. Take a look:

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As per news reports, the giant pumpkin weighs 2,554 pounds or 1,158 kilograms approximately. “North American Record broken here today at The Great Pumpkin Farm. Congratulations Andrusz Giants,” read the official post. 63-year-old Scott Andrusz and his family grew the giant gourd in their farm in Lancaster, as per the Gothamist. It took them several months of hard work from summer to fall to achieve this record-breaking pumpkin weight. Apart from fertilisers, water, and soil, the Andrusz family had to keep pests and small animals at bay from the pumpkin too.

The record-breaking giant pumpkin has won the Andrusz family a cash prize of USD 5,500 or approximately Rs. 4, 48,000. The family plans to use this amount to replenish the soil for next year’s harvest. “Finally, just so incredible, it’s the culmination of a lot of hard effort for me and my sons,” said Scott Andrusz in the report. Meanwhile, the Guinness World Record for the heaviest pumpkin stands at 2,707 pounds, set by a Tuscan farmer in Italy in 2021. Hopefully, the Andrusz family will be able to shatter this record too!

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