Mysterious Purple Cloud Over Chile Town Puzzles Locals, Pics Go viral


Mysterious Purple Cloud Over Chile Town Puzzles Locals, Pics Go viral

The purple cloud over Pozo Almonte in Chile.

A mysterious purple cloud appeared over a town in Chile on Sunday, baffling locals and officials, according to a report in Philadelphia-based news outlet Al Dia. Locals posted the images on social media platforms like Twitter showing the vibrant purple clouds hanging low over Pozo Almonte, while the sky appears to be clean. Local authorities launched an investigation to understand the phenomenon, which generated fear in the community, the outlet further said. The cloud cover originated at the Cala Cala mine, very close to the town.

“We are carrying out an inspection process, which shows us that this fact is due to the failure of a motor of the booster pump,” Al Dia quoted Deputy Regional Director of Tarapaca, Christian Ibanez, as saying.

Environmental official Emanuel Ibarra said the pump failure had caused iodine at the plant to change from a solid to a gaseous state, according to the outlet.


As per Meaww, the mine site is owned by the Saltpetre and Iodine Company (Cosayach).

“Until now, there have been no medical consultations or affectations as a result of the situation we are experiencing,” it quoted Tarapaca Region Representative Daniel Quinteros as saying.

“We are also in contact with the Superintendency of Environment so that tomorrow we can evaluate the filing of a complaint for non-compliance with the regulations and the commitments made by the company in environmental matters,” Quinteros further said.

Local officials remained at the site of the mine for 48 hours during which the cloud disappeared.

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