Mira Kapoor’s Weekend Brunch With Shahid Kapoor Featured Some Yummy Delights


Mira Rajput Kapoor’s love for food is well-documented on Instagram. Her indulgences always manage to score high on both taste as well as health quotient. Recently, she gave us a glimpse of her weekend brunch on Instagram Stories. The meal featured a drink and a delicious-looking pudding, topped with mangoes and pumpkin seeds. Mira’s culinary choices reflect her inclination towards nutritious and delectable foods. While mangoes are renowned for their sweet taste and nutritional benefits, pumpkin seeds are known for their rich texture and numerous health benefits. The combination of the two is a prime example of Mira’s commitment to a well-rounded and wholesome diet.


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In subsequent stories, Mira Kapoor revealed she went for the scrumptious brunch with her husband Shahid Kapoor and a friend. Mira Kapoor shared another picture of a delectable Japanese dish. Any guesses? Mira Kapoor relished some yummy sushi. 


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Mira Kapoor’s love for good food is inevitable. Her culinary tales are an all-time favourite. Remember the beetroot tea? Mira Kapoor once shared a post about beetroot chai, a unique twist on traditional Indian tea. The vibrant colour of the beetroot added a visually appealing element to the beverage, while its earthy flavours blend harmoniously with the warmth and aroma of the chai. Read the full story here.

Like many of us, Mira Kapoor has a soft spot for chocolates, especially a good old chocolate milkshake. She once treated her Instagram followers with a picture of a delicious chocolate shake, reminding us of the universal love for this indulgent beverage. Check out the full story here.

How could we forget her favourite strawberry tart? Her post revealed her enthusiasm for delectable desserts, particularly the combination of sweet and tangy flavours found in the delightful strawberry tart. She certainly left us craving for a bite. Read the full story here.

 Through her social media presence, Mira Kapoor continues to share her love for food, wellness, and her exploration of different gastronomic delights.


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