Mira Kapoor’s Pyaaz Kachori Is Giving Us Cravings – 5 More Recipes To Try

As we bid adieu to summers and the air gets nippy, it is natural to feel a craving for all things hot and fresh. Kachori is one of the ultimate favourites that we enjoy during this weather. A delicious masala filling is wrapped with a thick layer of dough and then deep-fried till golden-brown and crisp. From aloo kachori to dal kachori, there are a plethora of kachori recipes found all over India. Turns out even Mira Kapoor is an ardent fan of Kachoris. The diva took to Instagram to share a picture of a delicious pyaaz kachori that she was sent by a friend. Take a look:

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Pyaaz ki kachori was what Mira Kapoor indulged in. 

The delicious kachori that Mira Kapoor tasted seemed to be sent all the way from Jaipur by her friend. It was from a famous shop in the city called Rawat Mishtan Bhandar is known for their yummy kachoris and is thronged by visitors throughout the year. Mira Kapoor seemed to have enjoyed the treat a lot, as she wrote “Rawat ki Kachori,” with a heart emoji in the caption.

If all this talk about kachori has got you craving it too, worry not. We have all the recipes you need! Apart from the famous Rawat’s pyaaz kachori that Mira Kapoor ate, there are a plethora of Kachori recipes that you can try making at home.

Here Are 5 More Delicious Kachori Recipes You Have Got To Try:

1. Paneer Kachori

The goodness of Paneer ensconced in a luscious kachori avatar, who can refuse this divine treat?

2. Dal Kachori

A quintessential kachori recipe, the dal filling in this special preparation is so addictive.

3. Khasta Kachori

This khasta kachori is so flaky and simply melts in the mouth. Pair it with aloo sabzi for a Delhi-style treat!

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Airy and flaky, this Khasta kachori is the stuff fit for royalty.

4. Cheese Jalapeno Kachori

If you are feeling experimental, try this interesting and unique cheese kachori recipe with the added zing of jalepenos.

5. Mawa Kachori

Yes, kachori too has a sweet version to it! Sugary and creamy all at once, this mawa kachori is a must-try for dessert lovers.

Which Kachori recipe will you be making inspired by Mira Kapoor? Tell us in the comments.

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