Man Orders Coffee From Zomato While Sitting In Starbucks To Save Money, Internet In Splits


When it comes to good coffee, we are totally spoilt for choice. A plethora of coffee chains have popped up around the country much to the delight of coffee-lovers. Starbucks is one such brand that has become synonymous with good coffee. Recently, a man found a way to save on cash while enjoying his favourite coffee from Starbucks. A user named Sandeep Mall narrated his experience of ordering coffee from Starbucks using the popular delivery app Zomato in order to save some money. Take a look at the viral tweet here:

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Shared on Twitter by @SandeepMall, the post has received over one million views and over 9.5k likes. “Sitting at Starbucks – coffee for 400. Zomato deal for same coffee 190. Ordered Zomato with the address of Starbucks. The Zomato guy picks up and gives me to my table at Starbucks,” he said in his tweet. “Yeh wala business apni akal se completely out, of course, hai,” he added.
The hilarious incident about saving money while ordering Starbucks coffee left the internet in splits. Many people admired his desi jugaad to get the Zomato order delivered to himself while he was sitting at the Starbucks outlet. “Honestly, this is peak Indian jugaad and I love it so much,” wrote one user. “1 million views and so much press. That 200 discount was completely worth it,” commented another user.
Take a look at the reactions:

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This is not the only time Starbucks has been in the news for its pricing. Previously, the coffee giant had charged a couple of Rs 3.3 lakhs for just two coffees. Click here to read about this viral story.


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