Man Lost At Caribbean Sea Survived On Ketchup And Seasonings For 24 Days

How long can you survive without proper food? Maybe for a few days? After that, your system will start giving up gradually, and it will become quite difficult to survive. But what if we tell you that a person just survived on ketchup and seasonings for about a month? Yes, you read that right. Ketchup and seasonings are essential ingredients to enhance the taste of food and nothing more than that. However, have you ever thought of these two things being a matter of survival for someone? This mind-boggling incident will leave you pondering over it. Recently, a 47-year-old sailor was rescued from the Caribbean Sea after he spent 24 days there with nothing much around except water. Can you believe it?

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Elvis Francois from Dominica, as per a NBC News report, had spent almost a month lost in the sea until he was rescued by a plane that saw the word “help” written on his boat. In a video released by the Colombian Navy, Elvis explained how he spent those challenging days without a sight of land before him or anyone else to talk to or seek help, the report added. 

Wondering what he ate and how did he manage to live like that? When there was nothing much around, ketchup and some seasonings came to his rescue. Elvis said, “I have no food. It’s just a bottle of ketchup that was on the boat. Garlic powder, and Maggi. So, I mixed it up with some water.”

Throwing some more light on his experience, he added, “Twenty-four days, no land. Nobody to talk to. Don’t know what to do. Don’t know where you are. It was rough.”. In the video, he stated, “A certain time, I lose hope. I think about my family.”

Elvis was found 120 nautical miles northwest of Puerto Bolivar in the northern department of La Guajira. After being rescued, Elvis was sent to Cartagena for medical care where the officials will help him get back on track, reported LADbible

Elvis also stated he feels immensely thankful to be rescued by the Caribbean Naval Officials who eventually returned him to safety. “At some point, I lost hope and thought about my family, but I thank the coast guard. If it weren’t for them I wouldn’t be telling the story,” he added.

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