Man Claims His Pizza Had Glass Shards, Shares Pictures On Twitter

Pizza has a fanbase of its own. There are pizza fans sitting in almost every corner of the world. Whether you are hungry or planning a brunch date with friends, pizza always becomes an option to consider. And, you surely don’t like anyone goofing around with the dish that’s so close to your heart. However, still there are times when you order a particular pizza, and end up receiving a different pizza. We have certainly heard about many cases of food chains messing around with orders. However, recently, a man, from Mumbai, experienced something extremely shocking.

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Arun Kolluri had ordered a pizza from Domino’s and when he started digging into it, he found some glass shards in the food item. Now, this could have been extremely dangerous for his body. Disappointed by his experience, and to bring the issue to the notice of authorities, he shared a post on Twitter with pictures. The man claimed that he found these pieces in the pizza box. As a caption, he wrote, “2 to 3 pieces of glass found in Domino’s… This speaks volumes about the global brand food that we are getting… Not sure of ordering ever from Domino’s.”

On being asked if someone may have done it after the pizza left the fast-food joint, he said it was next to impossible because he received a sealed box.

As a response, Mumbai police told him to complain to customer care first. Mumbai police stated, “Please write to customer care first. If they don’t reply or give an unsatisfactory reply, then you can think of a legal remedy.”  

Zomato, in its reply, said, “Hi there, apologies for the unpleasant experience. Please share your registered mobile number with us over a private message and we will have this checked and get back to you.”

Meanwhile, a person wrote, “I have had an extremely bad experience with them….they never responded.FDA ought to order a shutdown for lack of accountability…”

Another user, who had a similar experience, stated, “When I complained, they removed the defective pizza immediately and processed a refund without my consent. I couldn’t take pics at that time. I ignored thinking it may be a rare fault and warned the store. Sad to see it happens again”

A concerned user mentioned, “Mumbai police must take strict action as the case has been reported by the customer, Domino’s will start playing the blame game and pass on their responsibility to Zomato with blame that seal has been tempered. It’s a matter of great concern.”

Another wrote, “Nowadays Domino’s quality has gone bad and their staff doesn’t treat the customer well. I have stopped eating from domino’s after my last visit 15 days back”

“Domino’s has really stopped caring about their customers. They don’t even give proper customer service nowadays. No matter how much ever I like Domino’s pizzas, I always have it in a bad mood due to its service. This incidence of glass pieces is truly shocking,” read a comment.

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