Man Breaks World Record By Cracking Most Eggs In 30 Secs; Internet Is Not Impressed

Thanks to the internet, we have come to realise that people can make the impossible, possible! Individuals in the world of food have managed to achieve some of the most bizarre world records. This leads to people setting some crazy world records and we are sure that you wouldn’t have heard even half of it! Today, we got to know of a unique world record that is so simple that it wouldn’t even come to our mind that there could be a world record for it. Preparing eggs for breakfast, the very first step is to crack an egg. While cracking eggs, have you ever wondered how many eggs you can crack in just 30 seconds? One man managed to set a world record for it by cracking the most eggs within 30 seconds. Take a look:

Christopher Sander from the United States of America managed to crack 18 eggs with just one hand within 30 seconds! He didn’t even switch his hands and cracked all the eggs with his right hand. The video was shared by the official Instagram account of Guinness World Record and it has 812k views along with 43.2k likes.

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People on the internet were shocked to know that there is a world record for a task as simple as cracking eggs. Many took it as an opportunity to make some amusing remarks about this world record. Here’s what people thought of the world record:

“So if I throw 5 cartons of eggs in the air with one hand I get a plaque”

“Why do I feel like there’s someone in China that can do this in 20 secs.”

“Bro, literally go to any iHop or Dennys on a Saturday morning and this is nothing”

“Here in India, a street food worker can do better than…”

“Can’t believe we’re considering anything of this nature a world record, you people must be running out of ideas.”

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