Love Cheese? Try Out These 5 Delicious Ways To Make Cheese Balls At Home


A crunchy and delicious snack can make a normal day feel like a party! Most of us wait for the weekend to enjoy and indulge in all our naughty cravings, but why wait for a Friday when we can have the same kind of fun on a Thursday? Why wait for the weekend when we can munch on tasty snacks right now? When snacks come to our mind, we can’t help but think of this crispy snack oozing with cheese – the cheese ball. This round-shaped delight is the perfect balance of crispiness and deliciousness. We all love cheese balls, but what if we told you there is more than one exciting way to make this cheesy snack?!

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Here Are 5 Cheese Balls Recipes For You To Snack On

1. Cheese Balls – Our Recommendation

This classic snack is a favourite among cheese lovers! The texture of this snack is what makes it taste so good. Crispy and crunchy balls have cheese oozing out of them, making each bite more delightful than the other.

Click here for the full recipe for Cheese Balls.

2. Suji Cheese Balls

These cheese balls are crunchier than your average cheese balls, do you know why? The secret is suji! Cubes of cheese are placed at the centre of suji dough balls and deep fried till the balls are golden brown and crisp.

Click here for the full recipe for Suji Cheese Balls.


3. Schezwan Cheese Balls

Unlike the traditional cheese balls recipe, this snack is loaded with vegetables, mashed potatoes, spices and schezwan sauce! With its cheesy centre and flavourful stuffing, this cheese ball comes with a spicy zing on the side.

Click here for the full recipe for Schezwan Cheese Balls.

4. Potato Corn Cheese Balls

If the combination of corn and cheese brings you joy, then these potato corn cheese balls will be the right choice for you! The cheese balls are filled with potatoes, corn, herbs and, not to forget, cheese.

Click here for the full recipe for Potato Corn Cheese Balls.


5. Chicken Cheese Balls

Non-vegetarians will love this rendition of cheese balls because it also comes with chicken! Juicy and tender chicken pieces and cheese cubes are at the centre of every crispy and crunchy ball.

Click here for the full recipe for Chicken Cheese Balls.

Try out these delicious cheese balls recipes and tell us which one is your favourite in the comments section below!


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