Jeff Bezos Space Station Orbital Reef Will Be Featured in New Sci-Fi Movie

‘Helios’ tells the story of a space storm, starts shooting next year.

Jeff Bezos’ space company Blue Origin, along with partner Sierra Space, have struck a deal with Centerboro Productions to feature its Orbital Reef space station in the upcoming feature film, “Helios.”

Set in 2030, the movie will tell the story of a spaceship crew on a mission to save the International Space Station after it’s been damaged by a solar flare. The goal is to give fans a realistic depiction of the future of living and working in space, and coordinating a response to a space weather emergency, the companies said in a press release Tuesday.

“Helios” will begin shooting next year. Orbital Reef, which is still in the design phase, isn’t expected to be operational until 2027, however.

Whether Bezos will make a cameo in the picture, or if it will be filmed on the space station, remains to be seen. In 2016, the billionaire appeared in the movie, “Star Trek Beyond.” Other films since have been shot in space. Last year, a Russian film crew began shooting the space drama “The Challenge” on board the ISS, and Universal Studios has a film scheduled to begin production with Tom Cruise sometime next year which may involve a ride on a SpaceX vessel, although nothing has yet been confirmed.

Bezos-founded Amazon. com Inc. has become a big player in the movie business with its Prime Video offering, but there’s wasn’t any mention the company distribution the film in the “Helios” press release. Blue Origin declined to comment further.

NASA is targeting 2030 for the decommissioning of ISS as commercial space stations from companies like Axiom, Blue Origin, Sierra Space and others become operational.

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