Jeff Bezos Love For McDonald’s Is Just Too Relatable

A lazy Sunday afternoon definitely calls for some fast-food indulgence. And, what can be better than a cold drink, a scrumptious burger and some crispy fries? This is what makes up for a complete soul-satisfying meal for many of us and you will be glad to know that billionaire Jeff Bezos is no different. The chief executive of Amazon has shared a picture of him on Twitter enjoying an old-school McDonald’s meal. As per the photo, it seems Mr Bezos did not even wait to get clicked and relished his beloved meal uninterrupted. While we all can’t hide our love for burgers, Mr Bezos shares a special connection with the food. This is because it was McDonald’s where the billionaire found his first job at the age of 16. “My first job. And still the same great burger. Happy Sunday.” he wrote.

Now, if you also want to make your weekends better with some “great” burgers, then we have some recipes for you.

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1.Chicken Burger

No matter how plain it may sound, a classic chicken burger can still manage to conquer any other modern fast food. Make it your evening snack or kick start your morning with it, the spicy minced chicken patty tastes good any time of the day. Adding to the taste are the buttered buns making the burger more filling, and more addictive.

2.Pulled BBQ jackfruit slider

Are you the one who looks for vegetarian alternatives at parties but fail to find anything satisfying? Then, you may want to try this recipe. Here, the pulled pork has been swapped with some more tender and juicy jackfruit without compromising on the taste. And, the process isn’t that hard either. 

3.Potato corn burger

This isn’t your ordinary aloo tikki burger and has a lot more to offer than it. The tikki or patty holds the key to its taste as it has corn, jalapenos, celery, feta cheese, and leeks. Not just this, the patty is also dipped in a creamy batter before it is coated with breadcrumbs and deep fried. 

4.Lamb and tomato burger

This burger has all the elements needed to make a burger even better. A thick and juicy minced lamb patty is placed between split buttered buns alongside freshly made tomato sauce. While the burger will keep you full for a long, you may still find yourself wanting some more of it. 

5.Vegetable burger

If you don’t feel like going for something too fancy, then try this simple yet addictive vegetable burger. It has a crunchy potato and peas patty that is coated with bread crumbs to give that extra crispiness. Place this marvellous patty between sliced burger buns and you are ready to make your Sunday great.

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