It FLOATS! This train speeds along at 600 kmph, fastest in the world! Watch

This fastest train in the world is a Maglev speed king that floats over the track!

China has unveiled the fastest train in the world, which can attain a top speed of 600 kmph. The interesting part is not the speed, but the tech that goes behind the development of this fastest train in the world. This train runs on Maglev technology. Maglev being ‘magnetic levitation’. The WeForum organisation explains that using electromagnetic force, the Maglev train “levitates” above the track with no contact between the body and rail. The train floats because of the strong force of repulsion between the poles of the magnets on the rail and those on the train’s body. China has been already using this technology for almost two decades on a very limited scale.

The World Economic Forum has shared a short video to show a glimpse of the record-breaking train and how it levitates on the track. However, it is worth noting that China is already running the fastest Maglev train in the Shanghai region while transporting people from the Shanghai airport to town. It is said that at its top speed, the train can cover the distance between the Dragon’s administrative capital and its financial capital within 2.5 hours.

The report mentioned that “While there are no inter-city or inter-province maglev lines yet in China that could make good use of the higher speeds, some cities including Shanghai and Chengdu have started to conduct research.” It further revealed that the journey would take 3 hours by plane and 5.5 hours by high-speed rail. These cities are trying to fathom the viability of ultra-fast long-distance transportation.

Apart from China, Germany and Japan too are looking forward to building Maglev networks in their regions. However, high costs and incompatibility with current track infrastructure are some of the main hurdles to rapid development. Meanwhile, China’s 37,900 km network of high-speed rail is expected to almost double by 2035.

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